The Truth Surrounding Newland

Very High Fire Severity Area

The Newland Sierra Project is in a Very High Fire Severity Zone where the County General Plan restricts the density of housing. Newland's evacuation study is inadequate. The road capacity could not handle a large scale evacuation which only includes 2 evacuation exits for a project the size of the city of Del Mar. Total evacuation time could take over 3 hours.

I-15 Gridlock!

Newland will add 28,862 new trips per day to local roads and the I-15 and will pay NOTHING to mitigate the gridlock!  There will be 26 miles of failing freeway service where Newland will contribute ZERO to. Their fair share of cost would be at least $153 million.

ZERO units of Affordable Housing

Newland Sierra is inconsistent with the General Plan Affordable Housing Policy H-1.9 which requires developers to provide an affordable housing component when requesting a General Plan Amendment for a large sale residential project when it is legally permissible. Newland is failing to provide any affordable units in the 2,135 units that they are building.

Newland CANNOT Build 2 Million Square Feet of Big Box

Contrary to their claims, Newland cannot build 2 million square feet of Big Box and Office Commercial per the General Plan.  As the previous developers of this property stated: “The proposed Office Professional and Commercial designations are poorly located and unresponsive to market demands.”

Merriam Mountain is an Important Wildlife Corridor

Merriam Mountain is only one of the 2 large habitat blocks that remain west of the I-15 and is also listed as a pre-approved Mitigation Area in the Draft North County MSCP. The Newland project will isolate habitat in the area and reduce its viability. The connections available for wildlife to move through this area are crucial!