Newland Sierra: It's not the answer.

Newland Sierra: It's not the answer.

Newland Sierra: It's not the answer.Newland Sierra: It's not the answer.Newland Sierra: It's not the answer.

3 Reasons to Vote NO on Newland Sierra and NO on B

Newspaper cutouts about the affordable housing crises and loose change

We need more affordable housing in San Diego, but Newland Sierra will do nothing to solve the crisis.

Newland Sierra features many luxury homes but does not require a single unit that qualifies as affordable, and many of the homes in the development will not even be attainable for San Diego’s workforce. Two-thirds of the homes in the Newland Sierra development require at least a six-figure income to afford. 

Man swearing to be truthful with his fingers crossed behind his back.

Politicians let Newland developers change the rules.

Newland is a huge developer whose executives have given thousands of dollars to local politicians. It’s no wonder politicians changed the rules to allow twenty times more homes than originally allowed. And they approved the development with no vote of the people and no price limit or guidelines! 

Traffic Jam

Traffic is terrible and Newland Sierra will make it worse.

Newland Sierra will add thousands of cars to the freeway every day because the project will be far from job centers. And while Newland investors will make millions, they refused to add even a dime to widen the freeway. 

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